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As I finish editing The Masterpiecers (which is taking me forever, what with the arrival of my third child, the cutest little girl), I gave Ghostboy a facelift. The original cover was pretty, but it didn’t tell enough of the story. This one does. It was created by the talented team at Paperwhite Studio.


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I also wanted to share the review I received for Ghostboy from one of the judges of the Writer’s Digest self-published novel competition.


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Judge’s commentary:

“I loved this novel!  “Ghostboy, Chameleon & The Duke of Graffiti” is a compelling and emotional story.  Duke is almost seventeen and seems to have everything he wants, even though he has just been caught painting graffiti on the principal’s car.  But when he meets fellow student Cora and her eight-year-old brother, Jamie, everything turns upside down for him.  They should not have anything in common; Duke is popular and part of the “in” crowd; Cora is goth and Jamie is dying from cancer.  But they become intertwined and part of each other’s lives. 

Olivia Wildenstein has written one of the best books I have ever read.  I kept thinking about John Green and Rainbow Rowell as I read this fascinating and powerful story of a very unlikely friendship and learning how to love.  I did not know until reading her author’s notes at the end of the book that she was greatly influenced by these two writers. 

This novel is a wonderful read and young adult readers will love it.  I cannot wait to recommend this book to my readers.  I have already gotten my seventeen-year-old stepdaughter to read it.”


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So proud…

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  1. I second Marina Sofia here – it is incredible how you maintain focus on creating memorable work in spite of all your other demands! Very happy for you.

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