One thought on “My Top Ten Books

  1. That was a great survey of the contest you ran and the end results. I must be completely. I’ve claimed all the prizes I’ve won and been very thankful no matter what it was. What I like to win the most is an autographed book by the author. That means more to me than any kindle or gift card you could give me. I want a new kindle but every tin I enter a contest that also has a kindle I hope I don’t win it. I’ll buy my own kindle. I want the autographed books. And I have unsubscribed from any author yet. I ptrobably will a few. But first I want to read more about them. I’ve become friends with so many who are the neatest people. They are kind and have let me into their world like an old friend. It has been and will continue to be a great experience for me and I treasure every gift I’ve won. Just thought you would like a view from the other side. Have a good day!!

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