It’s been a while…

What’s happened in my life since my last newsletter: 

– School has started (Yay!)

– The temperature outside has dropped a little (Yay, too! I don’t  know about your summer, but mine was really hot).
– I learned how to make fire with dryer lint.
– I discovered a beautiful manmade lake in Connecticut (Candlewood Lake).
– I read 9 books and they were all super good!
– I ran 3 half-marathons and a 26 km (not for fun).
– I attended the Writers’ Digest Conference in New York with my cousin (so much fun!).
– I finished editing The Masterminds. It’s coming to you on October 12th, but you can already preorder it by clicking on the cover below. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I just sent out a newsletter to people who didn’t know me, and I thought, after spending 3 hours writing it, why not send it out to the rest of you. 🙂 I bet even those who say they know me weren’t aware of certain bullet points in this list.

So who am I really?

  • I’m a Bestselling YA author who sometimes strays into that new territory called NA (where your characters are in college instead of high school). I mostly write about the real world, but sometimes, I write about a world that I wish were real.
My books and where they stand on my career roadmap.


  • I’m an avid reader with a bad case of insomnia (I finished 18 books during the summer, 9 since my last newsletter). Having trouble sleeping benefits my reading, but sadly, that’s about the only thing it benefits.


  • I’m a mother. I have three fabulous kids who drive me crazy, but whom I adore so very much, I dedicate my entire Instagram feed to them. Unless you’re dying to get to know them, I don’t suggest you follow me.
Them. ❤❤❤


  • I’m a wife. Sometimes, I’m a really good one: when my husband comes home, I’ll have a home-cooked, candlelit meal set out complete with an uncorked bottle of wine and music from one of my Spotify playlists; sometimes, I suck at being a wife: when he gets home, I’ll already be in bed with said bottle of wine, watching Jessica Jones or Bloodlines or reading one of the 6,000 books on my Goodreads To-Read list.


  • I’m a daughter. Although I live an ocean apart from my parents, I speak to my mother twice a day. I’m that sort of daughter…the one who comes home every chance she gets (which is not very often) and reverts to being their baby girl (granted, with three babies of her own). Going home is a time warp for me. Does this happen to you, too?
How I feel when I come home…
A child from the nineties with a penchant for electronic bingo.
I’m pretty sure I’d asked for an iPad.


  • I used to make jewelry, but found tapping on a computer keyboard way safer for my manicures. Kidding aside, back in 2009, when the US economy turned to crap because of subprimes and no one was investing in unnecessary adornments, people were still buying books. I was pregnant with my first child back then, and decided a career overhaul was in order. I wanted to do something that carried little stress and brought me lots ofreward (not talking financial here), something that didn’t depend on the economy and that could satisfy my overactive imagination. Writing became that something.


  • I published my first book, Ghostboy, Chameleon & the Duke of Graffiti, back in 2015—6 years after I decided to become a full-time author. Why?Because I tried the traditional system first. I wrote my book, polished it, then sent it off to agents. Once I accumulated a decent amount of rejections, I would shelve the manuscript, write a new book, and repeat the painful procedure. I did this until I finally found the courage to self-publish. Ghostboy became a deeply-loved story that was nominated by IndieFab for their Book of the Year Award, before reaching bestseller status on Amazon.


  • I went on to publish a duology, the Masterful series, comprised of The Masterpiecers and The Masterminds, a glamorous mystery set against the backdrop of art and prison. The Masterpiecers was compared to “Gone Girl meets Orange is the New Black.” It’s a much darker read, but likeGhostboy, it’s about people. Real people. Flawed people. Beautiful people.


  • I’m currently obsessed with the show Nashville, and am dedicating my next book to this lovely, crazy city where dreams can burst or come true.


  • I’m an avid baker, and you can find most of my creations on Sisterbakers, a blog I share with one of my sisters.


  • My other sister is a kickass editor. Comes in super handy! You can find her here: Vanessaedits.


  • I’m French, although I feel way “Swisser.” When my husband spoke of moving to Geneva—after already relocating me from New York to Paris—I told him “over my dead body.” Turns out, I was very much alive when he dragged me over here. And…turns out, I ADORE this country!

Now, I’d love to know more about you! For those of you who want to connect, drop me a line on Facebook or on Twitter, or just click reply to this email and that’ll reach me.


All my best,


PS: I did mention my newsletters were fun and full of free stuff. I have something special: 10 free Audible copies of Ghostboy. There is no catch, but a review in exchange would be greatly appreciated! Just reply to this email if you’d like one.

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